Metal Stud & Demountable partitions Metal stud partitions are constructed using a metal framework to which plasterboard is fixed. The plasterboard is then ‘dry lined’ leaving it ready for decoration. This method is both cost effective and quick to install. The need for ‘wet work’ is avoided with the dry line finish, a great advantage in any commercial project.

There are many different specifications of partitions offering sound resistance, fire protection, or moisture resistance. In fact any specification that should arise can be catered for. Demountable partitions either in timber or aluminum construction provide a rapid solution when a company needs to adapt its premises with relocatable walls to accommodate changing functions and personnel.

Office partition systems available from standard solid walls, typically 75mm or 100mm finish to a variety of glazed options, single glazed, double glazed and full
length silicone jointed glass partitions. Integral venetian blinds can be incorporated
within double glazed partitions. Acoustic partitions can be designed and installed to
meet the varying demands of your office environment.

  • Lafarge – Lafarge’s plasterboard operations in the UK combine Lafarge’s worldwide strength in building materials with its in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the gypsum industry, from materials extraction to site installation. This includes its investment in the best technology and materials to achieve plasterboards of the highest quality.
  • British Gypsom – British Gypsum offers a full range of lightweight partition and walling systems. Standard systems are non-load bearing and constructed using dry lining techniques.
  • KnaufKnauf is firmly committed to on-going technology developments and diversification, working closely with the industry to deliver quality, innovative, cost-effective products to our customers. Knauf systems have been used and installed around the world with proven success. In the UK, products have the quality assurance of the Company’s BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • AvantiAvanti Systems the Luxury European Glass Wall and Glass Door Provider. Presenting a World Class Luxury Glass Wall Partition and Office Glass Wall Product Line. Perfect for separating or dividing Office Space, or any Interior Space. Demountable Interior Glass Wall Partitions, boasting a structurally sound construction and cutting edge design.
  • SASSAS International over the past four decades has evolved as the world leader in the design and manufacture of metal ceilings. As project demands have evolved SAS has diversified into associated disciplines, partitioning systems and doors, energy efficient cooling and heating room comfort solutions and internal architectural metalwork finishes such as bulkheads, column casings and spandrel panels.
  • Polar – Polar 100 provides a fully integrated system that can accommodate single glazed, double glazed and solid elements. Single and double glazed formats comprise perimeter framing only, with vertical glass edges abutting a small infill strip.
  • Komfire – Komfire may be introduced as the solution to almost any office interior requirement it is established, attractive and versatile. t is even possible to produce a continuity of style and colour shade throughout a project by attaching the skirting, in either aluminium or plastic secret fix, to the building core walls.