Suspended ceilings are not only decorative and functional. They can provide acoustic and thermal insulation, or offer moisture resistance, durability or hygienic qualities, depending on the requirements or specification of any particular project.

Using plasterboard on metal sub frame, ceilings can be created to any specific design, from a simple flat ceiling to any shape of complex design. Advance Contracts use highly skilled operatives in the installation of all our suspended ceilings. We can offer ceilings from…

  • Armstrong – Armstong suspended ceiling systems offer a wide range of ceiling products including mineral fibre suspended ceilings, open cell suspended ceilings, metal suspended ceilings, wood laminate and wood veneer suspended ceilings.
  • Ecophon – Ecophon acoustic suspended ceiling systems offer a large range of acoustic ceiling products without limitation to performance or design including acoustic mineral fibre suspended ceilings, direct fix ceilings, suspended acoustic canopy ceiling systems, acoustic baffle systems.
  • Rockfon – Rockfon ceiling products meet the highest levels of design and performance criteria, thus ensuring a good quality indoor environment. The wide range of products includes ceiling solutions for office and administration buildings, education and health sectors, retail and leisure applications and production facilities within the manufacturing industry.
  • BurgessBurgess Architectural Products current product range is both wide and varied offering the ceiling specifier choice in standard and bespoke, or tailor made, solutions to meet the very demanding requirements of modern buildings.